New Changes For Landlords Announced By The Government

The government have recently announced yet another change regarding tenants and landlords, by extending the ban on evictions until the 20th of September and introducing a required six-month notice period that will run until the 21st of March 2021.

We are here to ensure you that whilst news like this may sound challenging, we will be keeping on top of it to allow everything to run as smoothly as possible for our landlords.


The eviction ban and notice period extensions have been put in place to protect tenants who may be struggling as a result of Covid-19. Whilst the government are focusing on protecting groups at most risk of financial trouble, they are still aware that this could cause problems for landlords and so they are looking to start allowing cases to be heard in court again.


This will begin as more courts reopen, with only more serious cases being permitted at first. This is to include cases where landlords haven’t received rent in the last six months, as well as those involving anti-social behaviour and domestic abuse crimes.

With hope to eventually reopen court cases to all and return the property market to normal again, the government are keeping all measures under review with changes being guided by the latest public health advice.


Things are constantly changing during these times so it is important that we can react quickly whilst keeping your best interests in mind, and we will continue to do so. Anglo American will remain informed on the latest changes to ensure that we can deal with them in the best possible manner.