Following the update from the government yesterday afternoon we are making a few changes to the way we do things

Alex, having a wife and 3 children at home has decided he is safer in the office so it will be business as usual for him

Sandra has decamped along with half the stationary cupboard, her office mug and a laptop so heavily password protected nothing is going to be able to infect IT, to the safety of her own home and is refusing to come out until further notice

Linda has some annual leave already booked so will go ahead with that.  

What does this mean for you?  The only noticeable difference is that there may be more frequent periods when the office is unmanned, everything else stays exactly the same.  Emails and the telephone lines will be covered during normal office hours, 9am – 530pm Monday to Friday and 9am till 1pm on Saturday. The out of hours emergency line is operating as usual,  We would simply ask that anyone who needs to come to the office for any reason calls us ahead to make sure one of us is there to meet you.

We currently do not know how long this situation will continue but are hoping that by operating extreme social distancing we can keep everyone as healthy as possible and reduce our risk of contracting or passing this awful virus on.  We will continue to respond to any problems you have, we will be asking you a few questions before we send our contractors to you, please answer these as honestly as you can as they are for everyone’s protection. We will keep you all updated about any further changes and want to reassure you that it is business as usual.  

Alex, Sandra & Linda