Coronavirus Update 25/3 - Tenants

Earlier this year we were made aware that the Government are looking at making it compulsory for all Letting Agents to have a formal qualification to conduct their business. Now, in the current climate this has taken a little bit of a back seat and we don’t have any definitive dates as to when this may happen.

However, whilst we are still being limited in our day to day lives by the continuing lockdown, it is a perfect opportunity to spend a little bit of time looking at what the future may hold and how we can plan for this. It is difficult to imagine quite how and when life is going to slip back into its old routine but we also know that we need to be ready for when it does. Currently spending his time between the office, where we are still maintaining a full service for everyone, and his home where he is sharing childcare and home schooling duties with his wife, Alex has been bitten by the school bug and has decided to make a start on the learning modules for the professional qualifications with our regulator which will enable us to be one step ahead and keep ourselves and landlords legal and compliant.

Keep well and keep safe