Coronavirus: Getting Back To Normal

We have recently received updated guidance that the lettings industry can start to open up again.  There are very strict guidelines for us and our contractors to adhere to with regard to access in and out of tenanted properties, but we have put into place all the protocols for social distancing to be observed and have the relevant PPE.

At Anglo American we have been very fortunate that we haven’t had to shut up shop and have been managing the day to day business perfectly efficiently from our homes.  During the period of lockdown we have limited how much “out of office” work we have been doing, restricting ourselves to urgent maintenance and meeting tenants who were either moving in or out of a property.  Compliance issues, such as gas safety checks have been carried out where tenants have been happy to let us in and where there were no tenants from a higher risk group in that home.  


As a consequence, we have a list of things to catch up on and over the next few weeks we will start to arrange more routine visits for non urgent maintenance.  We would like to thank everyone for their patience over the last couple of months and  would now like to ask you all to report anything you have been hesitating about or that you feel we need to be aware of.   Our team of contractors are all fit and well and ready to get back out and about.


During lockdown we have been using virtual tours and  have also explored adding floor plans to our advertising platforms.  Both of these tools will allow us to maximise marketing opportunities and minimize access in and out of peoples homes.  At the moment, this is a very necessary precaution but going forwards, we believe it will be a real asset to our service.